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David B. Mitzi
(Duke University, USA)
Laura Herz
(University of Oxford, UK)
Md. K. Nazeeruddin
(EPFL, Switzerland)
Mercouri Kanatzidis
(Northwestern University, USA)


Alex K.-Y. Jen
(City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Anna Lena Giesecke
(AMO GmbH, Germany)
Annamaria Petrozza
(IIT, Italy)
Ayodhya N. Tiwari
(EMPA, Switzerland)
Dieter Neher
(University of Potsdam, Germany)
Feng Gao
(Linköping University, Sweden)
Filippo De Angelis
(University of Perugia, Italy)
Jangwon Seo
(KRICT, Korea)
Maksym Kovalenko
(ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
Michael D. McGehee
(University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
Prashant V. Kamat
(University of Notre Dame, USA)
Yabing Qi
Yang Yang
(University of California, USA)


PSCO-22 will be held in Oxford, UK from 5 September to 7 September 2022.

The programme will include a combination of invited talks, contributing talks and poster presentations in a meeting which will bring a broad spectrum of the community together to discuss and share knowledge on the latest advances in perovskite materials, devices and photophysical and optoelectronic properties and phenomena.

Educating young researchers is at the core of our mission, which will be enabled by the opening tutorial lectures, in addition to a whole series of invited talks by world leading scientists in their respective specialities.

In addition there will be a special industry day on Thursday 8 September to discuss the Industrialization of Photovoltaic Thin Film Technology. Speakers from industry will give updates on the progress made and the challenges faced in this sector.



  • Abstract submission deadline for oral contributions: May 1st, 2022
  • Abstract acceptance notification for oral contributions: Jun 4th, 2022
  • Final registration and payment deadline for oral contributions: June, 30th 2022
  • Final registration, abstract submission and payment deadline for poster contributions: July, 10th 2022

Registration for oral as well for poster contributions – Click here!

  • Final registration and payment deadline: July, 10th 2022

Registration to the conference / Payment – Click here!


WORKSHOP: Industrialization of Perovskite Thin Film Photovoltaic Technology, will be held on Thursday 8 September 2022.






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Henry Snaith
University of Oxford, UK
Filippo De Angelis
University of Perugia, Italy
Md. K. Nazeeruddin
EPFL, Switzerland
Annamaria Petrozza
IIT, Italy
Alison Walker
University of Bath, UK


Clare Moloney
University of Oxford, UK
Beatrice Bizzarri
CNR-SCITEC Perugia, Italy
Isabel Wild
EPFL, Switzerland
Olivia Bizzarri

CNR-SCITEC Perugia, Italy