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Pre-registered participants: 9

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3rd International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO17) was held in Oxford, United Kingdom from 18th to 20th September 2017.




The Conference Numbers:

  • 20 Invited speakers and tutorial lectures
  • 84 Oral presentations
  • 164 Posters
  • 360 delegates


The programme included a combination of invited talks, contributing talks and poster presentations in a meeting which brought a broad spectrum of the community together to discuss and share knowledge on the latest advances in perovskite materials, devices and photophysical and optoelectronic properties and phenomena.


Program: Download PDF

List of Posters: Download PDF


Henry Snaith
University of Oxford, UK
Filippo De Angelis
CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy
Md. K. Nazeeruddin
EPFL, Switzerland
Annamaria Petrozza
IIT, Italy
Antonio Abate
HZB, Germany


Alex K.-Y. Jen
(University of Washington, USA)
Antonio Abate
(HZB, Germany)
Aron Walsh
(Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
Barry P. Rand
(Princeton University, USA)
Christophe Ballif
(EPFL, Switzerland)
Edward Sargent
(University of Toronto, Canada)
Henk Bolink
(University of Valencia, Spain)
Jianpu Wang
(Nanjing Tech University, China)
Jinsong Huang 
(University of North Carolina, USA)
Joachim Maier
(MPI for Solid State Research, Germany)
Joseph M. Luther
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA)
Maria Antonietta Loi
(University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Marina Leite
(University of Maryland, USA)
Naomi S. Ginsberg
(University of California Berkeley, USA)
Samuel Stranks
(University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Sang Il Seok
(UNIST, Korea)
Tae-Woo Lee
(Seoul National University, South Korea)
Tom Aernouts
(Imec, Belgium)


Géraldine Gfeller 
EPFL, Switzerland
Anna Amat

CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy
Clare Moloney
University of Oxford, UK
Beatrice Bizzarri
CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy